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You can find here list of my projects.


Debt and depression manager

Used technologies: Android, PHP, REST, JSON, Bootstrap

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Hosting Docker

The simplest way to run images from Docker Hub and manage them

Used technologies: AWS, Docker, Java, PHP, REST, JSON, Bootstrap

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A unique way to automate the assignment of issues to employees

Used technologies: AWS, Docker, Java, PHP, REST, JSON, Bootstrap

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Sticoor = sticker + coordinates

Mobile application - details soon!

Used technologies: Android, MySQL, PHP, JSON, Bootstrap

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Planet Attendance

Attendance, scheduling and reporting software

This software is intended for schools - especially swimming schools (like Planet Swim). It is composed of two main parts: Administration Web and Mobile App. In administration web you can schedule lessons, manage students/instructors, generate reports, etc. The app lets instructors report attandance.

Used technologies: Android, SQLite, PHP, JavaScript, jQuery, JSON

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IBAN Calculator

Calculate slovak IBAN

Simple mobile app for calculating slovak International Bank Account Number.

Used technologies: Android

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Healthy or Not

Check healthiness of your daily food

It's like a guardian guarding diversity of your food. Just take a photo and see results.

Used technologies: Android

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TV Bratislava

Plan TV program of local television

This thick client software lets you plan TV program. It can also calculate final income from advertisement, etc.

Used technologies: Silverlight, MS SQL

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My Vienna Gate

Web page for best neighbours

My Vienna Gate is a web page for neigbours of Vienna Gate block of flats. They can visit forum there, send private messages, see address list, add images to gallery, share files, etc.

Used technologies: ASP.NET, MS SQL, C#, Silverlight

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Lego 3D

Play lego online

Lego 3D is a computer game, where you can play with lego bricks. Game is free and you can download it here (Slovak language only). OpenGL download here.

Used technologies: Delphi, OpenGL, 3DS Max

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Speedy Mobilez

Mobile game for competitive people

Speedy Mobilez is exciting mobile game for people who like competing with each other. The app measures maximum average acceleration and saves the result. You can compare your results with other players and also with some interesting animals or vehicles. Trying to reach maximum acceleration is so funny process. In addition you will understand acceleration and g-force. Do your hands accelerate faster than formula 1?

Used technologies: Android, SQLite, Java, PHP

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Master's thesis

Rendering Complex Paints Incuding Metallic and Pearlescent Effects

Implementation of photorealistic methods and algorithms to render of a car paint. There can exists opaque, metallic and pearlescent car paints. Each one has specific attributes and looks differently - see images above. You can download it here.

Used technologies: C++, OpenGL, HDR

Download Project Video (1 MB) Video (20 MB)

Tone Mapper

View HDR images

Tone Mapper is a software for viewing HDR (high dynamic range) images. You can download it here (with one HDR image example).

Used technologies: C++, OpenGL

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Photon Mapping

Rendering by using Photon Mapping technique

New interesting photon mapping technique can render many special, hard to achieve effect, without effort (caustic for example). It simulates propagation of light simply by emission of photons from light sources, exactly as it happens in reality.

Used technologies: C++, OpenGL


Rendering by using Raytracing technique

Images rendered with extended raytracing show some charasteristic lines of this method: reflections, refractions, hard shadows (but notice soft shadows on image with snooker spheres)...

Used technologies: C++, OpenGL


Terrain generator

Fractal terrain generator, color depends of terrain height.

Used technologies: C++, Win32


Render reflections in realtime

This simple application implements algorithm for rendering of reflections in realtime. You can download it here (DirectX is required).

Used technologies: DirectX, C++

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Nice logos

Some logo samples.

Used tools: Photoshop, 3DS Max